Family Visas

If you are in a committed long-distance relationship and looking to live together in Australia, there are visa options for you and your spouse or de facto partner.  The most common visa types are the onshore and offshore partner visas, and the prospective marriage visa.  These visa applications are assessed on the basis of the genuineness of your relationship.  These applications are heavily reliant upon documentary evidence and written legal submissions.  We believe it is important to obtain appropriate legal assistance when considering any of the above visa applications given the complexity and enormity of the requirements.  We pride ourselves in our preparation of partner visa applications and are dedicated to reuniting those in long-distance relationships to carry out their lives together in Australia.

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and your parent/s want to live in Australia permanently with you, there are various parent visa options available to help your family join you in Australia.  It is important to seek the right legal advice when it comes to assessing which parent visa is best suited to your circumstances.  Given the various parent visas available, each comes with its own set of criteria that each applicant is required to satisfy.  If you would like your parents to join you in Australia and are confused as to which parent visa is right for your situation, please contact us.