Migration Tasmania

Bleyer Lawyers owns and operates Migration Tasmania and continues to be the only migration law practice in Launceston, Tasmania Australia.

We work towards bettering our community.  To that end, we practice in migration law to assist regional Australia fill its skills shortages, bring or keep loved ones together and help people enter or remain in Australia.  We support a multicultural society and appreciate the benefits diversity brings.

These are unprecedented times.  The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way society operates.  It has not only affected Australians but has also impacted temporary residents in Australia and those overseas looking to visit.  This has forced the Australian Government to make legislative changes in migration law.

Many students and workers on temporary visas may find themselves feeling stuck, not knowing whether they can fulfill the requirements and meet the criteria for a permanent residency visa.  The big Australian dream may seem out of reach.

It is important to understand the changes that the Australian Government has made to its migration program.  It is safe to say that Migration law is always evolving.  Tasmania is working overtime to find new ways to keep temporary residents studying, working and filling skilled positions, all in an effort to combat Covid-19, repair its economy and continue its growth.  It has introduced many changes to its nomination program, targeting students, workers and Australian employers.

You may be on a student visa nearing completion of your studies and looking to work in a position relevant to the course you are studying.  It may be that your current temporary visa is about to expire and you want to remain in Australia, although you are not sure what visa is right for you.  You may hold a temporary visa and you cannot travel to your home country because of Covid-19 travel restrictions.  You may be on a temporary work visa and your employer is willing to continue to employ you.

The above circumstances have two things in common: Covid-19 has created much uncertainty, which has affected your migration plans and you are unsure as to what your next step is; and, you are likely to have a visa pathway to remain in Australia.

In light of Covid-19, the significant changes to Australia’s migration program and the complexity of visa applications, it is vital to get the right professional assistance.  Migration law is one of the most complex areas of law in Australia.  It is prudent to engage a migration lawyer to guide you towards the right decision, develop a strategic plan and wok with you to implement it.

Migration Launceston is currently offering free initial consultations.  

If your circumstances relate to any of the above examples or similar, or if you have an idea of what visa might be best for you but you are uncertain, please get in touch with us.

Bleyer Lawyers also provides advice on travel exemptions to enter Australia, given Australia’s current travel restrictions.  It is distressing to feel locked out of a country you expected to travel to, whether it be to visit family or be with your partner.  We are here to help.

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